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As part of our thorough eye checkup, the Optomap® is now a standard scan. A 200° field of view of your retina is provided by an Optomap® employing Optos® Daytona Plus. Figure 1 shows the situation. When compared to 45° with typical retinal photography, this is a huge difference. Retinal photography is no longer considered cutting-edge. This technology has been around for decades; it began with film and later transitioned to digital photography, but the principles remain the same. It is unquestionably preferable to nothing, but it has limits in comparison to current technology.


Figure 2 shows a set of photos, one obtained with a typical retinal camera (image on right corner) and an Optomap® taken with our Optos® Daytona Plus (larger image). They are matched in size to the same eye in a clinical environment with a real patient (not a model).


Figure 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it painful?

The only method to get an ultra-widefield image of your retina is to use Optomap® with Optos® Daytona Plus. It is a PAINLESS procedure. Optomap can usually do this without the need of eye drops to dilate your pupils.


2. Do I require any eye drops? Is it okay if I drive afterward?

The beauty of this test is that it was created from the start to allow you to see the back of your eyes clearly and it is simple to use. As a result, 99 percent of the time, we don't require any drops to dilate your pupils. As a result, after using Optomap®, you are entirely safe to drive (providing you hold a valid driving licence...). This means that the treatment will be simple, quick, and, most importantly, will not necessitate the use of transportation.

3. Do I really need this?

We'd answer YES since we're aiming to provide a higher degree of care than what you'd find in a typical optometric office.

4. Is there a charge for this service?

This advanced test has a little charge and is not covered by our wonderful NHS because the NHS 'eye exam' concept was created in 1948 and was never intended to encompass the modern technology we have today. One thing to note is that the NHS and other government entities still refer to 'eye tests,' despite the fact that we provide comprehensive EYE EXAMINATIONS to our patients! Your vision isn't the only thing we check. We're looking at your eye health, which is connected to your whole wellness. If you allow us, we are obligated to look after you.

Daytona Plus may perform a medical imaging procedure called autofluorescence imaging of your retina in addition to providing you with an ultra-widefield scan of your retina. Autofluorescence imaging is a relatively new technique in the field of ophthalmology. Currently, just a few NHS institutions are capable of doing so, but we are! This technology can detect some conditions, like as atrophic macular degeneration, that are otherwise undetectable using traditional methods. Optos® Daytona Plus is something else entirely when combined with its ultra-widefield potential.

We love using this cutting-edge, high-tech piece of equipment to provide you with the advanced eye treatment you deserve.

Ultra-Widefield Scan Of Your Retina

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