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Myopia Management

Short-sightedness or near-sightedness are terms used to describe myopia. When the focal point falls in front of rather than on the retina, blurred distance vision results. The further away the focal point is from the retina, the more blurry the vision becomes. This is especially relevant for youngsters, whose schooling and leisure activities, such as sports, may be harmed.

baby boy wearing glasses to help combat myopia

What is Myopia?

Myopia Correction Versus Myopia Management 

What's the difference, you might wonder? Myopia correction is a common method of treating myopia. Simply put, this means that spectacles or contact lenses are prescribed to bring the focus point onto the retina, resulting in a focused image. Myopia, on the other hand, tends to worsen as a child grows older, until late adolescence or early adulthood. This happens at an especially quick rate between the ages of 8 and 15.

Are There Other Options?

More products in this category will be released in the next year or two. MiSight is the first FDA-approved treatment for myopia progression. Orthokeratology, often known as OrthoK, is a tried-and-true method of slowing myopia growth (Sankaridurg 2017). This is a hard contact lens that should be worn while sleeping and removed while awake. As a result, the patient will be able to see clearly without the usage of spectacles or contact lenses. This is also appropriate for adults, whose active lifestyle necessitates the removal of spectacles and contact lenses. This method is also reversible, which appeals to the majority of individuals. This is an off-license use for children for the aim of myopia treatment, despite the fact that it has been demonstrated to be successful. OrthoK will be available within 2020 in our Emsworth practice. Watch this space!

How Can We Help You?

kid with glasses

MiSight is made of a soft daily disposable material that offers maximum sterility, comfort, and ease of use, especially since it will be used by youngsters. We will ensure that the fitting and aftercare process goes as smoothly as possible by combining our maximum care.

Only accredited practitioners at certain practises can fit MiSight. Mr Seer Hor, our licenced optometrist, is certified to fit MiSight in Emsworth and is happy to advise children on their appropriateness. To schedule an appointment, please call Emsworth Practice and mention MiSight. We recommend an up-to-date eye examination prior to the MiSight fitting for the best results.

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